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08 October 2010



It’s gonna be a very long time I’v not update my blog. Why?? Maybe because I don’t have much time to think and write something in my blog even I have many things to share but yeah may be bcz of my laziness too.(facebook bleh plak ngadap berjam2..adeih).

This time, I wanna talk about empty. Yeah! Empty, zerro, infinity,…. But I just want to focus about what I feel in deep of my heart. Someone please tell me why I feel like this. Not because I feel the emptiness of peace in my heart or bcz of I’m lost in finding Him or Islamic value in myself. But the emptiness of needing someone to become my friend, my ear, my motivator, my support and my shoulder when I’m sad. I feel like I’m searching of someone to care of me, to love me. Don’t know how to express it. Huhu.

Sometimes I cry to express my feeling and I really need that person. I know that Allah will never leave me alone and always with me. But I still want someone that I can touch him(him???aha!!), someone that sharing tears, laugh, and someone will motivate me when I feel sad. The feeling of emptiness is getting hardly touch my heart and I feel something hurt me deeply. I laugh and show my happy go lucky face in front of my friend, my family and my lecturer but then when I’m alone, I cry.. huhu..

I think that’s all. Can’t write anymore because the tears wanna drop again.. T_T.

P/S : Asif and sorry becz my English is not soo good.. donno.. Just wanna speak in English although in broken way.. huhu..

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